welcome to my digital diary.

hi, im summer.

hi, I’m summer! a pittsburgh based photog with a dream of photographing wild souls in love all over planet earth. 


i’m a big fan of photographing cool couples who like to be different. you’re too unique to have your photos looking like everyone else’s — lets do something wild and funky. i’m so inspired by the most random things and incorporating them in ways that are unusual or different. i want my photos to stand out. i want florals, i want cool vibes, i want intimacy, i want it all.  


kind words from my angel babies...
we absolutely loved working with summer! we’ve had the honor of watching summer launch her photo business and when it was our turn to get married, hiring Summer was a no brainer. from our engagement shoot to the day of the wedding, summer was knowledgable in her craft and made every session so much fun!! we gave her the vision and she ran with it! she’s our photographer for life!!!

welcome to my digital diary.

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