my digital diary

to anyone coming this far to look more into my art, i truly thank you from the bottom of my heart. creating photos like the ones you will soon see has been what i have dreamt of for as long as i can imagine. creating artwork is so therapeutic and healing, and i couldn’t imagine loving anything more. thank you for being here, supporting, and loving me. my work feels so intentional, safe, and special to me, which is where i found the name for this collection… welcome to my digital diary. come as you are, let this be your safe space too to be as comforting or creative as you’d like. 

thank you so so so much again. sending you all virtual hugs through this screen. thank you for being here. 

from summer fed

paige + tyler's vibey inhome + smoke sesh: coming soon
ryan + katlin's inhome creative sesh: coming soon
blaise + hannah's columbus and pittsburgh engagement sesh: coming soon
kelli + ricky's studio engagement photos
ashley + cole's amusement park engagement photos
2022 photo dump + top moments!
jess + kyle's wedding
ashley + cole's wedding
my first blog post xoxo