ashley and cole’s amusement park engagement photos

march 19, 2023

last june, i photographed ashley and cole’s engagement photos at a local amusement park, which also happened to be their favorite date spot! if you read their blog post about their dreamy fall wedding day,  you’d know how genuine and kind they both are :,). photographing their engagement photos and wedding day was a dream come true, and these will forever be some of my favorite photos i’ve taken! ashley and cole are truly two of the most vibrant souls in love i’ve ever met, and i have NO words to describe how euphoric i feel for this couple being the first solo wedding i ever photographed :)) these two humans make me feel like the luckiest girl on earth.

we had a super fun time at the amusement park, starting in the old school diner, of course with some milkshakes + fries! the summer sun was so perfectly shining through the window, so we made sure to get some moodier lit ones there, too. then we went outside and created some magic outside the carousel (both day and night). we stopped at the photobooth, by the bumper cars (of course for that KILLER golden sun shining through), my favorite lol– the musik express, the swings, games, outside of the water fountain, roller coaster, back to the carousel for flash @ night, and a must: the goodnight heart sign. 

everything about their summer engagement session was perfection. their outfit changes were spot on, and the vibes they brought to these photos were SO good. 

shooting your engagement sesh at a location that speaks to you, in this situation, your fav amusement park date spot, is the BEST way to add a little creative element. i would spend the day with these two at their fav spot over a million times over again. all the love to ashley and cole :))))

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