2022 photo dump + top moments :)))


currently sitting in the same coffee shop i wrote my first blog post in just reflecting on 2022. I truly cannot believe the year is already over and it’s JANUARY.  

2022 wrapped as a young photog living in pittsburgh looked like… 

shooting at a content day in a rollerskating rink, doing engagement photos with the coolest couples ever downtown and at an amusement park, lots of in home sessions, last minute disco vibe motel sesh, tons of editorial senior shoots, the most iconic back to back wedding weekends, lots of creative sessions, traveling all over to second shoot weddings with my besties, really cool rehearsal dinners, my first (and second) solo weddings that i SOB about every time I think about them (so honored to photograph such beautiful love), going to rhode island&cape cod&salem with my photo friend, going to colorado for two weeks (the BEST time ever),  more and more weddings galore, etc…. 

I truly made some of my favorite memories ever in this past year, and have learned so much about self love + growth, not just through business, but through physical, mental, + emotional health too. 

I graduated high school in may, which was SO relieving to just be over with. I learned a lot about the needs of my body + its health, and have been growing in so many ways, learning to listen to different bodily responses in different ways, which changed me more than ever. I’ve never felt more connected with my physical, emotional, and spiritual self. i got my first tattoo in colorado. I fell more in love with life and worked so much on doing things that made me happy. i went swimming in random creeks more times that I’d like to admit with my sis + cousin. i turned 18! i got more inquires for weddings which also makes me just sob every time I think about them (again, truly SO honored). I woke up at UNGODLY hours (as a night owl that rarely sleeps) to make it to photoshoots that gave me soooo much creative energy. i started going to yoga more. i started loving myself for who i am. 

as much as 2022 brought along so much yearning for more self satisfaction, i literally loved so many moments I experienced this year and wouldn’t change those for anything. 

bringing all good energy into 2023 with lots of monthly goals + mood boards, and hopes for lots of growth for all! cheers to 2023! 

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