Ashley + Cole’s wedding


ashley + cole’s wedding was an absolute dream and honor to be apart of. annnnd it was my first official solo wedding which is just so fun!

I met both of them at church a few years ago and they have been some of the most genuine people in my life. they fell in love. they got engaged. they asked me to shoot their wedding. we took the coolest engagement photos at an amusement park. they invited me to the bridal shower. and then they got freaking married. 

I truly couldn’t put the amount of joy i felt on this day into words. the amount of love their people have for them is so intense and just perfect. they started off their morning separately getting ready with their closest friends and family (who also are the kindest humans known to mankind.). everything they did together from the first looks, the first touch, the private gift opening, etc. was so emotional and beautiful. it rained at their outdoor ceremony and literally just proved that nothing could stop them from being so in love with each other. they’re bridal party, their reception outfit changes, their speeches, their food trucks + milkshakes, their dance party… everything was literally iconic. 

I’ll shut up now and just show you all the magic of this couple IN LOVE. 

p.s. ashley + cole i will never stop talking about your wedding day + how much i love you both until the day i die. 

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