my first blog post


currently sitting in one of my favorite pittsburgh coffee shops debating what all i want to include in my first blog post. for most, i feel like i need to catch up on my whole photo life up until this point… my struggles, my stories, my projects, etc.. but, i won’t bore you for that long


I’d consider the creative in me to really come out in 2020. it wasn’t until quarantine that i really listened to my inner-artist and invested in a camera and went *wild*. i was that chick that dragged friends to the museum to take photos of them, or that time i made my brother go to some random railroad tracks (of course, very basic, but it’s okay) and bought color powder (LOL) and made him blow it towards the camera. i remember LOVING those photos, and now I look back and literally question my whole entire existence. perks to my whole family for doing that and validating me through the whooooole process of getting to where I’m at today. god, the countless amount of times i would drag my 12 year old (at the time) sister outside in the freezing cold or the times i would dramatically do her makeup and make her take photos… 


grace to them all til the day i die. 



now, it’s somewhere around 2.5 years later. 

this summer is turning eighteen in six days from today. she shot her first solo wedding last weekend. this weekend, she’s traveling with one of her best photo friends to cape cod to photograph a wedding. she’s doing another solo wedding the following weekend. then she’s photographing a ton of senior sessions, two more weddings, and flying solo to colorado all within the month of october. 

I know a lot of people say “i wouldn’t believe you even a year ago from today if I knew where I was at now,” but genuinely, i wouldn’t. 

even just a year ago from today, i had just been trusted to start second shooting, i attended my first styled shoot, i was in the process of trying to graduate a year early and had been doing all online school, + sooooo many people doubted me when i explained how i wanted to live out my near future which truly also made me question my whole entire existence. 


I’m so over words now, so if you read this far, i’ll just show you a glimpse of my diary.  

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